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  • Brand: Showtec
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1024 channel two universe DMX console

10.1" touchscreen with Fixture View and Quick Colour Picker

Multicolour indicator LEDs and 4 encoder wheels with 1.3" display

Complete built-in effects engine for easy control

Second (touch)screen possibility

The Showtec Lampy 40 2U is a fully featured 1024 channel 2-universe DMX console with state-of-the-art look and feel, suitable for various venues. Its industrial, floating design with 10.1” touchscreen and multicolour indicator LEDs enable a quick and clear workflow in an utmost intuitive manner. Arranging existing elements is now easier than ever before with customizable workspaces and Fixture View for a clear virtual stage layout with easy pick, drag and drop control. You can also easily pick any colour you’d like and control every moving light precisely to your desired outcome in no time. The Lampy 40 2U enables you to add an external full HD (touch)screen and also to take full mobile control over your fixtures via an iPad or tablet since it is OSC compatible. You can easily create any complicated and stunning show effect with its complete built-in effect engine. Unlike most comparable DMX consoles, the Lampy 40 2U has no less than four encoder wheels with 1.3" OLED display for visual function information. The Showtec Lampy 40 2U enables you to simultaneously control two standalone universes including all external monitor features and a second Fixture View. Its 1024 DMX channels are controllable via DMX, ArtNet and sACN. If 10 multifunction faders and 10 playback faders with cue buttons are sufficient for your practice, we recommend to check out our Lampy 20 with 10 instead of 30 multifunction faders while using the same 9 memory pages for sufficient storage space.